Sustainability Principles

When developing the 30 year vision, the Citizens Advisory Group created sustainability principles to ensure the vision reflected the community’s core values. These principles build on the 5 pillars, or dimensions, of sustainability proposed by the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association as lenses for evaluating all our actions: environment, economy, social, culture, and governance.

Each of the dimensions influences the others, providing an integrated foundation for maintaining balance in the community. We believe that truly sustainable communities manage this balance wisely.

The principles will serve as a checklist against which we can gauge progress towards sustainability
Sustainability Principles

We will know our vision for the environment is sustainable if it supports these principles:

Respecting the natural environment and resources by meeting the needs of the present without compromising the long-term viability for future generations

Sustaining and celebrating the natural heritage and biodiversity of the region

Minimizing our ecological footprint in all aspects of the environment

Minimizing the impact of human development on the environment

We will know our vision for economy is sustainable if it supports these principles:

Actively pursuing opportunities for diversification

Managing balanced growth to sustain a vibrant economy

Promoting and encouraging regional business partnerships

Strengthening our role as a regional hub

Recognizing the value of our existing business community

We will know our vision for social well-being is sustainable if it supports these principles:

Ensuring the needs of citizens are realized through effective programs and services

Upholding and building a safe community for all citizens

Fostering inclusion of all members of society

Supporting opportunities and environments to encourage social interaction

Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles

We will know our vision for culture is sustainable if it supports these principles:

Preserving and celebrating the historical heritage of the region

Advancing and promoting Hinton as a regional leader for arts and culture through learning, performing and the promotion of local art and artists

Attracting visiting visual and performing artists

Celebrating the diversity of cultures in the region

We will know our vision for governance is sustainable if it supports these principles:

Providing proactive leadership that is transparent and collaborative

Providing fiscally responsible and accountable leadership

Ensuring that programs and services support the changing needs of the community through partnerships and collaboration

Supporting and advancing civic engagement