Who We Are A Local Economy Snapshot

Strategically situated along the vital Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16), the town of Hinton is well positioned to serve as a go-to hub for the trading region. Our local economy is driven by the extraction and processing of pulp, lumber, coal and gas and supplemented by the hospitality, retail, public service, tourism and health service sectors.

This industry composition allows our workforce to enjoy higher than provincial median income. On the other hand, it results in an income split that sees some workers paid significantly more than others.

Relying as much as we do on the resource sector also exposes businesses and employees to swings in global commodity markets. Given that reality, we are seeking to diversify our economic base by fostering sustainable local businesses. As a bonus, diversification will expand the community’s shopping options, which are more limited than many would like.
“The Town of Hinton is blessed with an abundance of beauty, resources and people who combine to make it one of the most attractive and vibrant communities in Alberta. Its bustling oil and gas, mining and forestry industry, its geographic location as the Gateway to the Rockies and its diverse community demographics and culture make Hinton an attractive place to live, work, play and invest.”- Town of Hinton Economic Development Committee Community Diversification Plan, 2010
What do We Mean by Local Economy?
Economy refers to the activities related to producing and distributing goods and services. A flourishing and diverse local economy, an essential dimension of sustainability, depends on creating a community in which people want to live, work and do business.

Local businesses and industries form the backbone of Hinton’s economy. Given the right culture, work force and environment, resilient local enterprises will help move our community toward sustainability.